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Freight Audit and Recovery: The Secret to a Smart Supply Chain
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Scott McDevitt, President & CEO, Translogistics

Does your shipping department regularly audit its freight bills? Research from Texas A&M suggests that more than 80 percent of shippers overpay for their freight. Without regular freight auditing, the volume of overpaid or fraudulent bills can...

Sterling Healthcare Logistics: ACXSS by Sterling: A Virtual Materials Manager
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Geoffrey H. Silver, CEO

A cloud based supply chain management software for healthcare systems to manage and optimize procurement across all facilities

CrisSoft, LLC: Comprehensive Medical Billing Software
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Paul Criswell, Principal

Providing a comprehensive solution to a backend billing system with full import/ export HL7 and proprietary integration

docSTAR: Smart Content Management for Streamlined Processes
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Tom Franceski, President

Developer of easy to implement and use enterprise content management and automated AP solutions for organizations of any size

Lexmark [NYSE:LXK]: Unifying the Siloed Healthcare Information
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Paul Rooke, Chairman & CEO

Provides solutions to automate information-driven process to bridge gap between systems and information outside their purview
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