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Technological Innovations and Patient-Centered Care
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Michael G. Hunt, Ex-President & CEO, St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Inc.

Secretary Alex Azar, Health and Human Services, spoke on March 5th, 2018, at the Federation of American Hospitals. His presentation reaffirmed CMS’ commitment to value-based transformation. He said, “there is no turning back to an...

Benefits of Introducing Blockchain in Healthcare
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Karl Brown, EVP Quality and Group Operations, HealthCare Partners

The blockchain is an emerging technology that is reshaping many industries. This technology has the potential to reshape the healthcare industry as well. What empowers this technology in healthcare is not the code itself, but the product of...

Telehealth and Challenges in Reimbursement
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Lynn Gibson, Chief Technology Officer/VP, CHRISTUS Health

To borrow from the opening lines of the 70’s TV show “Six Million Dollar Man”—we have the technology, we have the capability—well that is almost where we are with telehealth today but we are still fighting one big...

Ushering in an Era of Telehealth
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Natasa Sokolovich, Executive Director, Telehealth, UPMC

Factors that Led to the Expansion of Telehealth Services across UPMC Our vision at UPMC is to transform healthcare delivery, developing new models of care that allow us to provide a seamless “virtual to bricks and mortar”...

Considering a Telemedicine Program
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Lynn Gibson, VP/ CTO, Christus Health

‘How do we provide medical care to a man flying in a space capsule thousands of miles above us?” It was some form of that question that began the technology that we now refer to as telemedicine and which is evolving into telehealth....

Healthcare DATA Integration: The Foundation for Population Health
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Michael Dulin, Chief Clinical Officer for Analytics and Outcomes Research, Carolinas HealthCare System

When I moved from working as an engineer into healthcare during the early 90s, I was shocked by the inability of healthcare providers to capture or use data to improve care delivery. Now, almost 30 years later, we do a much better job capturing...

Reaching Out to Improve Rural Healthcare
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Mark Simon, Interim CIO, Benefis Health System

My first experience in rural healthcare was in 2010 as the CIO of the western region of Montana for Providence Health & Services. In this role, I was responsible for technology and services across all of Western Montana. "Getting more...

Walking the Talk on Workforce Partnerships in the Healthcare Industry
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Jeanette Sanchez, CIO, AMN Healthcare

One of the dominant trends in healthcare today–both for providers and vendors–is mergers and acquisitions. In a challenging environment, this strategy can provide greater revenue opportunities and cost savings through reduced...

BlueSky Upgrades its Medical Staffing Software to Improve User Workflow
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NASHVILE, TN: BlueSky, a provider of web-based medical staffing software releases version 5.0 of the BlueSky Medical Staffing Software with upgraded features and interface to benefit the medical staffing services industry through client feedback....

The Gap in Managed Care Technology
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Jose M Sanchez, CIO, Miami Beach Medical Group

The emergence of every new healthcare reimbursement model usually comes with the creation of a newer technology that meets or surpasses its needs. There are groups of sharp, new vendors eager to sell the latest in software and its accompanying...

GHX: Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare Supply Chain
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Bruce Johnson, President & CEO

GHX employs a software-as-a-service model to reduce the cost of doing business in healthcare by automating supply chain processes and improving visibility into the products used in patient care. The company has built the GHX Global Network which...

Zymeda Provider Solutions: Driving Medical Practices to Success
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Helene Beilman-Werner, CEO

The company’s experts help practices and physicians to enhance all aspects of current practice operations for long-term success

WCH Service Bureau: All-Inclusive EHR Platform Integrated with Billing System
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Olga Khabinskay, COO

Specializes in medical billing, credentialing, software development, and offers EHR and Billing management in one system

MTBC [NASDAQ: MTBC]: Adding a New Dimension to Healthcare IT
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Al Nardi, VP Strategic Initiatives

Offers a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated WebEHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions

UPIC Health, LLC: Patient Care Meets Empathy
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Mary Tucker, CEO

As a healthcare service provider, UPIC Health offers innovative telebehavioral and video health applications, combining clinical and interfaith approaches to support patients most in need. The enterprise helps in bringing technology and human...

Ascent Health Solutions: Powering Comprehensive Gains across RCM
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Ajay Kapoor, Founder, Director & President and Rajat Kapoor, Founder, Director & CEO

Provider of state-of-the-art revenue cycle management and physician and patient engagement system, enhancing a healthcare provider’s bond with patients and cash flow

Zebu Compliance Solutions: The Healthcare Compliance Experts
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Francesca Hartop, Founder & CEO

Zebu Compliance provides a comprehensive revenue cycle compliance portfolio focused on the right provider, the right services, at the right time

ShiftWise: Contingent Workforce Compliance Made Simple
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Steven Rodriguez, President

Support the healthcare community by empowering people to thrive in a dynamic industry and everchanging world of workforce demand

Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS): Interoperable Automation Solutions for Medical Practices
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David Barzillai, Founder & President

Proffers Electronic Health Record, Radiology Information System, Practice Management, and Medical Billing software to medical practices and Revenue Cycle Management firms

Synergy Billing: Maximizing Community Health Centers' Revenue
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Jayson Meyer, CEO

Helping Federally Qualified Health Centers to maximize revenue and improve business processes.
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