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Efficient Data Management in the Healthcare Space
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Jim Simpson, SVP & CIO, AvMed

With the abundance of technology around every industry vertical, it may come as a surprise to many that there is no standardized solution for content management. Every company, not just in healthcare, has to craft a solution with what works...

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Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry
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Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Many Pharma and life sciences companies consume cloud computing in the form of software-as-a-service. GSK deploys all email and collaboration technology— in the Microsoft cloud. Hence we operate in several countries with hundred...

As User-Centered Technology Advances, So Does the Role of IT - Part II
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Ed Malinowski, CIO, BAYADA Home Health Care

In part one of this article, I discussed the recent evolution of the IT department’s relationship with its customers. This evolution is rooted in IT’s customers being able to evaluate and select technology without IT’s help. Many...

Strategic Development of Enterprise Analytics for Healthcare Delivery Systems
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By Joe Kimura, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health

Healthcare analytics is increasingly recognized as a critical core competency for accountable-care delivery systems. Analytics drive efficient and effective delivery system innovation and process improvement. Predictive and prescriptive analytics...

IT and the Changing Healthcare Front
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Doris Peek, CIO, Broward Health

The past few years have seen many changes in the healthcare industry, including new business models such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The fundamental aim of an ACO is to create a coordinated care process across the patient...

1WorldSync: Enabling the Delivery of Accurate Medical Device Information
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Lionel Tussau, Director, Business Development Europe

1WorldSync offers data pool solutions and professional services that enable the flow of information with validations and business rules between healthcare product manufacturers and recipients. 1WorldSync is a leading healthcare supply chain...

Stratus Interoperable: Reimagining Data Interoperability for Optimized Healthcare
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Fred Zolla, Executive Chairman

StratusLink, a data management and advanced analytics platform, enables decision-makers at all levels to quickly access, analyze and share comprehensive patient health data to inform better decisions, deliver more accurate performance metrics and...

CrisSoft, LLC: Comprehensive Medical Billing Software
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Paul Criswell, Principal

Providing a comprehensive solution to a backend billing system with full import/ export HL7 and proprietary integration

Bridge-Tech Medical: Bridging the Data Gap in Healthcare
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Terry Davis, CEO

Offers a plug-and-play medical device data management solution with a simple approach to data capturing and EMR integration
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