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Security: The Cloud's Ace in the Hole, Not Its Achilles Heel And in Healthcare, the Cloud is Not Only Secure-It Costs Less
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Adam Stern, President & CEO, Infinitely Virtual

In the cloud’s infancy, cloud hosting providers touted scalability, initial cost savings and speed. But the prospect of enhanced security in the cloud—indeed, that the better cloud deployments now mean that data is safer in the cloud...

Navigating Virtualization to Improve Patient Care
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Michael K. Giannopoulos, CTO, Atrius Health

As exorbitant amounts of data increasingly become available at physicians’ fingertips to improve patient care, healthcare organizations must develop thoughtful methods for managing how that data is stored. At Atrius Health we have developed...

Technology to Redefine Supply Chain Industry
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Steven Gundlach, EVP of Americas Contract Logistics & SCM, DB Schenker

1) How do you see the benefits of cloud computing for the Supply Chain industry and how have you embraced it? a. Cloud computing provides a quick launch for prototyping and a great way for scaling services on the fly. We use a combination of...

Crafting a Centralized Sandbox for Healthcare Data
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John Axerio-Cilies, CTO and Founder, Arterys

Benefits of Cloud Computing  The benefits of cloud computing are substantial, but care must be taken to analyze the pros/cons of any decision before diving into cloud vs. on premises computing. Factors such as utilization, data size,...

Coping with Data Growth in Radiology Turning to Cloud NAS for Storage
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R. Todd Thomas, CIO, Austin Radiological Association

Austin Radiology Association (ARA) is no novice when it comes to medical image storage. Our firm, which is based in Austin, TX, has not only stored digital images since 2001, but has also offered image storage services to other healthcare...
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