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Simulation: Beyond the Bedside
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Nancy A. Bardugon, Executive Development Program Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

In our technologically driven world, we place a high importance on the innovations and advancements we use to clinically treat the patients we serve. However, for practitioners to successfully keep up with the pace of innovation, as well as the...

Using Simulation to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care How the Nemours Institute for Clinical Excellence is Taking Simulation Further
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Maria Carmen G. Diaz, MD, FAAP, FACEP, Medical Director of Simulation, Nemours Institute for Clinical Excellence, North

For an article in a technical magazine, it may be surprising to learn that we consider the actual technology involved in healthcare simulation as one piece of a larger puzzle. Ultimately, Nemours is using simulation to improve quality of care and...

Simulation and the Science of Learning from a 'Safe Mistake'
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Jeffrey Brady, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s the nature of being human. But in our line of work, mistakes can be deadly. The complex, high-risk nature of health care, like that of commercial aviation and oil and gas exploration and extraction, creates...

The Role of Simulation in Enhancing Healthcare Education
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Elizabeth Blodgett Horsley, Director of Simulation, The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Healthcare professionals of a certain age will recall that their early days of training generally took the form of the see one-do-one-teach-one mantra, shadowing a more experienced provider and hoping an interesting opportunity presented itself or...

Value Demonstration in Healthcare Simulation: Linking Training to Performance
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Lisa T. Barker, Director of Education Division, Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center (Jump)

Simulation in Healthcare Since the unveiling of the first human patient simulator (“Sim One”) in 1967, the technologies engaged under the umbrella of healthcare simulation have advanced dramatically. 40 years later, there are a...

Healthcare Simulation - Trends in Technology Help Advance the Field
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Joseph Lopreiato, President, Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Healthcare simulation is a series of methodologies and technologies that allow educators to re-create a medical environment for the purpose of teaching a new skill or refreshing an existing skill. The purpose of healthcare simulation is to provide...

Using Simulation to Train Endoscopy Nurses
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Endoscopy is a challenging and complex medical procedure that involves a variety of diagnostic methods performed to examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body. Hence, it is important to ensure that the practitioners—be it...

Simulating the Future of Making Things
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Greg Fallon, VP of Simulation Products, Autodesk

Today, the way products are designed and manufactured is rapidly changing, driven by the introduction of new technologies and increased product performance requirements. Companies are looking for ways to respond to the demand for lighter weight...

Enhancing Nursing Education through Simulation
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Kellie Bryant, Director of Simulation Learning and Assistant Clinical Professor, New York University

Introduction Simulation has played a significant role in the training of pilots and doctors however the integration of simulation into nursing education has become increasingly popular during the past decade. One of the major incentives for...

Key Questions for Developing an Effective Simulation Program
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Scott Hudson, Director of the Simulation and Skills Center, The University of Texas at Austin

The use of simulation in healthcare education has been growing exponentially in recent years. Multiple factors are contributing to this growth: the increased competition for traditional clinical training sites due to the rising number of...

Healthcare Simulation-A Multi-Billion Dollar Solution to Safer Healthcare
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Jill Sanko, Academic & Research Director of Simulation/Assistant Professor, University of Miami

The 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report let the proverbial “cat out of the bag”, reporting on the concerning safety of U. S. healthcare. It reported that an estimated 90,000 deaths occur each year owing to preventable healthcare...

The Apprentice: Simulation Lab in a Box
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Anton Scheepers, Director

Assists aspiring medical professionals to reach their dreams of being proficient caregivers

Simucase: Simulation-Based Medical Training
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Stacy Williams, CEO

A developer of clinical simulations in the field of speechlanguage pathology and audiology

CAE Healthcare: Simulation to Perfect Healthcare Training and Patient Safety
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Robert Amyot, President

Provides simulation-based training that helps healthcare professionals provide safer, high quality patient care

Wallcur: State-of-the-art Healthcare Training via Simulations
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Wendy LaGrange, Director of Sales & Business Development

Improves students’ medication administration skills by creating a realistic clinical environment to familiarize students of healthcare with all aspects of the medication administration process

KindHeart: Immersive and Realistic Surgery Experience
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Richard H. Feins, Co-founder, and Scientific Advisor

Provides a realistic demonstration environment for abdominal, thoracic, and cardiac surgical procedures

GNS Healthcare: Delivering Personalized Healthcare using Big Data Analytics
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Colin Hill, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

A big data analytics company that empowers payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies to make intelligent data-driven decisions.
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