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Besse Medical: Gateway to Integrated Inventory Management

Mick Besse, President, Besse MedicalMick Besse, President, Besse Medical
The critical success factor for a medical practice lies in gaining financial and operational control of its drug inventory. Even a single instance of a missed drug unit can cost thousands of dollars. With technology holding the key to successfully running a practice, Besse Medical—a leading pharmaceutical supplier and solutions partner—has imprinted its name as an innovator that understands the inventory management requirements of community practices and is fully committed to strengthening inventory management and related practice technologies. The company’s inventory management solutions are fully geared to meet the needs of any specialty practice, with a specific focus on their workflow. As a part of AmerisourceBergen, the company is united in their responsibility to create healthier futures. “We recognize that community practices are vital sources of care in their communities and impact hundreds of thousands of patients across the country,” Mick Besse, President, Besse Medical.

Besse Medical differentiates in the medical inventory management solutions arena with its flexible, fully integrated, proven inventory management systems-CubixxMD and PODIS Plus. The inventory management process starts when pharmaceuticals are pre-tagged and serialized by Besse Medical and partners prior to shipment. Both inventory solutions enable complete tracking of the product through its journey right from Besse Medical’s distribution center to the patient. The seamless integration with a practice’s existing PM and EHR system allow the systems to track the drug scanned a number of different ways to ensure proper billing and updated patient records. Besse Medical offers these two viable solutions to track and dispense the pharmaceuticals that tie up such a large part of a practice’s cash flow.

With CubixxMD, the cloud is the center of the more automated solution, capturing inventory transactions that are happening across various practice locations.

We engage with our customers on a continual basis to obtain direct feedback and learn quickly about their emerging needs

Practices can select the right offering for their workflow, including desktop, mobile or RFID cabinets. The desktop version is designed for optimum ease of use while the mobile app offers additional mobility and convenience for the practitioner. The cabinets automatically track RFID tagged product as it is added or removed, and updates the details on the CubixxMD cloud.

Developed by a retinal physician, the PODIS Plus inventory management and payment verification system helps practices enhance productivity and manage their entire clinical, administrative, and financial functions from a single source. PODIS Plus enables sophisticated practices to monitor detailed accounts of every drug dose from the time it is shipped, placed into a practice’s inventory, through the billing cycle, and the payment reconciliation process.

Over the years, Besse Medical has carved a unique presence in the industry. Mick explains, “Specialty practices have put their trust in us and shared their experiences, challenges and goals. We’ve learned that each independent practice has truly unique needs, making it clear that we needed solutions for practices large and small, and with varying staff experience and operational workflow. This is how we came to offer two proven systems.”

According to Eric Besse, VP Business Information Solutions, in the near future the company envisions further innovation for community specialty practices with continued investment in both CubixxMD and PODIS Plus. “We engage with our customers on a continual basis to obtain direct feedback and learn quickly about their emerging needs. Our enhancement pipeline for both of our inventory solutions is rich and evolves as rapidly as the changes in healthcare.”

While the inventory management solutions are currently focused in specialties with the greatest need— Retinal, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Urology—Besse continues to evaluate expanding into other specialties.