Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2018

Healthcare supply chain management deals with everything from obtaining resources to the manufacturing of medical products to delivering them to providers and patients while adhering to the regulations. In the past few years, it has evolved a lot; the managers of the healthcare supply chain are adopting new age technologies to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

With the help of the cloud, the healthcare supply chain management is trying to cut operational and administrative costs because cloud-based solutions are less pricey concerning the general operation and administrative costs. While data analytics is helping the industry in moving from transaction-driver procedure to a strategic, data-driven process. Besides, healthcare organizations are also welcoming AI not only for clinical use, but for the management of supply chain process as it optimizes profits, improves the overall quality of patient care, and access further innovation.

Though there are many healthcare supply chain management solution providers, who claim to offer the best solution with all the requirements fulfilled but picking up the right one is always a tough task for the leaders. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the best, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of the top healthcare supply chain management solution providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance today’s healthcare supply chain management services.

This edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook features companies with expertise in healthcare supply chain management practices to update you about the best healthcare supply chain management solutions you can choose from, aimed at achieving patient satisfaction by addressing crucial factors of access to healthcare information, cost of care, and quality of healthcare service.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s - Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2018.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
1WorldSync 1WorldSync offers data pool solutions and professional services that enable the flow of information with validations and business rules between healthcare product manufacturers and recipients
BlueBin Provides a kanban signaled, visual replenishment system that helps ensure supplies are delivered to the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time
Curvo Offers a clinical platform solutions to continually reduce clinical supply spend and automate the hospitals’ and healthcare systems’ supply chain
GHX Employs software-as-a-service model to reduce the cost of doing business in healthcare by automating supply chain processes and improving visibility into the products used in patient care
Intalere Offers supply chain consulting solutions to help clients elevate their healthcare supply chain operations
Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) Provides solutions to deliver scalable, customizable and affordable technology for automation of supply chain processes and intelligent data-driven decision-making
LLamasoft, Inc Providing disruptive solutions that break down functional silos and helps ease supply chain decision-making for the healthcare organization
LogiTag Provides RFID solutions for tracking, monitoring, and managing inventory and assets to enable intelligent logistics and supply chain management solutions for healthcare organizations
PAR Excellence Systems Provides an innovative weight-based inventory management system for healthcare faculties
Swisslog Healthcare Provides end-to-end automation solutions that power the medication supply chain—increasing efficiency and enhancing patients’ experience