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Securing a Pipeline for PPE in 2021 and Beyond

Chris Garcia, CEO, Health Supply USChris Garcia, CEO, Health Supply US
2020 was a year of disruption, bringing more suffering and sadness to Americans than we ever could have imagined. Unfortunately, we learned some hard truths—most notably that domestic production of personal protective equipment (PPE) is not simply a nice-to-have, but a must. More positively, it also became clear that American manufacturers, by rolling up their sleeves and jumping in to help, are all able to work together to build a more robust pipeline of PPE production.

As a company straddling healthcare and manufacturing sectors, we at Health Supply US learned a lot of lessons in our first year. We managed to scale up quickly, and found the growth process both challenging and rewarding. Our proudest moment was when we began to deliver American-made, Berry Amendment-compliant isolation gowns for the Strategic National Stockpile. In addition, it was a tremendous feeling to accomplish part of our goal of bringing back the production of necessary PPE to the United States.

Looking ahead at 2021, there is a lot more that needs to be done. We are only at the beginning of a long journey to reshore American manufacturing – and in the process build a supply chain that not only replenishes, but innovates and prepares us for the next healthcare crisis. By bringing back America’s supply chain, HSUS is also dedicated to bringing back good, long-term American jobs.
We found success in cultivating manufacturing partners that ensured that we could fulfill our goals. In 2021, we will seek to continue to build these relationships, as well as continue to grow our own roster of supply chain experts and employees. Together, we will build a team committed to continuing to demonstrate the level of American ingenuity that is possible, bringing together our energy, insights and resources to produce quality PPE.

Within HSUS, we plan to expand our domestic production of PPE beyond what we currently offer and innovate the healthcare supply chain. We will continue to improve our designs, find efficiencies in the process and find ways to maximize the efficiencies of a local supply chain. We are currently hard at work adopting new technologies that will shape the healthcare and lifestyle market in the US in the years to come. At HSUS, we always want to be one step ahead in protecting our people, finding and building the right solutions, before people need them.

2021 will also be an important year for improving our multilateral, collaborative partnerships with allied nations. HSUS works with overseas partners in allied nations and market economies, holding discussions that can ultimately help US manufacturers learn and adopt best practices. The value that our partners have added to our manufacturing capabilities are immeasurable.

Technology will also be an important area of focus. To tackle the challenges that we faced in the fragmented PPE supply chain this year, we will be focusing on working with manufacturers, partners and supply chain experts to make ordering and purchasing a mask, gown or glove the most efficient and simple process possible for American consumers.

We are hopeful for 2021, not because today the manufacturing industry is perfect, but because we know the industry is on the trajectory for growth. Diving headfirst into solving America’s healthcare supply chain issues, our team knew this would not be an easy, or short-term, project. Yet, we are encouraged by the level of dedication that our workers, partners and supporters bring each day, and are committed to continuing this journey.
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