Top Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Companies
Vizient, Inc.: The Healthcare Supply Chain Optimizers

Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Companies - 2017

Healthcare supply chain plays a pivotal role in hospital purchasing and inventory management. It is tasked with managing all the activities from manufacturing, procuring, and transportation of different medical products such as surgical supplies, devices, and pharmaceuticals. As the industry is transitioning toward value-based care and witnessing increased regulatory pressure, efficient healthcare supply chain management would lead to faster, safer, and more affordable healthcare.

Healthcare supply chain solutions are adopting varied technologies to achieve high-efficiency levels. The entry of cloud in the healthcare supply chain is helping reduce operational and administrative expenses. On the other hand, data analytics is evolving healthcare supply chain from simply a transaction-driven process into a strategic, data-driven procedure. It has become a reliable means to improve supply chain management performance and forecast supply chain outcomes.

Analogous to any other arena, healthcare supply chain is filled to the brim with countless solution providers, which makes it a very cumbersome process for a CIO to choose the right solution provider. To make this task easier, Healthcare Tech Outlook proves itself to be a beacon in the healthcare supply chain industry. Our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Healthcare Tech Outlook has reviewed the top providers and shortlisted the ones that exhibit competence in delivering robust healthcare supply chain management solutions.

We present you the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Providers - 2017.”


    Top Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Companies

  • The preferred specialty supplier and solutions partner, accelerating access to products, insights, technology, and guidance for community physicians

  • Post-sales managed services that enable global businesses to optimize revenue and profitability and deliver exceptional customer experiences

  • A cloud based supply chain management software for healthcare systems to manage and optimize procurement across all facilities

  • Vizient Savings Actualyzer is an integrated opportunity engine, which is connected to a dynamic, single data source to give a repeatable, reliable, and flexible framework

  • Utilizes RAIN RFID technology to provide granular visibility and control in inventory management of hospital products at an item level

  • GHX


    Delivers cloud-based supply chain technology exchange platform, solutions, and services for healthcare organizations to grow and thrive

  • McKesson [NYSE:MCK]

    McKesson [NYSE:MCK]

    Offers solutions which links entire hospital supply chain into a single, integrated process

  • Omnicell [NASDAQ:OMCL]

    Omnicell [NASDAQ:OMCL]

    Delivers solutions which enable hospitals and other healthcare organizations to manage costly medical supplies for increased operational efficiency and enhanced patient safety

  • PartsSource


    Provider of healthcare supply chain management technology to streamline procurement processes

  • SpendVu


    Offers cloud-based software tool that modernizes healthcare supply chain operations by streamlining, automating, and organizing the manual tasks and hand-offs